[The Conscious-Feel Good Christmas Gift Guide]*

Christmas is less than 5 weeks away!!
Which means that we should all start getting ready for the festive season, buying decorations, buying cards and buying tons of gifts... To sum up: a whole lot of buying and spending.

This year, after the few revelations I've had in the past months, I've decided to spend my money in a way that helps the world be a better place, even if just by a tiny fraction. This is just me, but what if a few of us followed and that tiny fraction got bigger and bigger and we really did make a difference?

It is simple: any business out there is making a lot of money during Christmas. That's what you're ultimately doing with all you're going to buy: give your money to this or that company. I want to put my money in either a good cause (that's the best option) or somewhere where it won't do harm.

Let's now apply this to a Christmas Gift Guide:

How about you don't give anything material? Don't we all find ourselves with the dilemma of "what do you buy for someone that has everything?" Don't buy more stuff! Give them an experience! Even better if you can share it with that person.

    • There's tons of websites where you can find experience gifts, it's nice to do the usual weekend away, or taking someone for brunch, but how about a workshop, gifting a new skill? There's plenty of websites that offer tons of activities, like Funzing, Obby and Indytute to name a few. 


    • Subscription gifts for food: we said nothing material so I'm going to suggest edible stuff now. London's Bad Brownie have the best brownies on earth, you have my word! Who wouldn't like to receive a box of assorted brownie flavours!? AND they have a 3 month subscription too, who wouldn't like to receive a box of brownies each month? The gift that keeps on giving! To follow on the sweet side of things, Lavolio offer handmade pieces of fruit and nuts covered in chocolate and spices in the most gorgeous tins. They also have a subscription available here (for 3, 6 or 12 months). Why not a beer subscription? Quite popular right now with several craft beer options.

    • Flower subscription: don't we all love to receive a pretty flower bouquet? or is it just me? Bloom & Wild have a great range of flowers and prices, packed in a flat box that fits through your letterbox.

  • Have you considered a museum membership? It is literally the gift of culture and endless exhibitions for a year (or as long as you want it to last).

If you really really really must buy something material, this is what I propose: don't buy anything that has plastic (the item itself or the packaging). Don't panic! There's still so much you can buy without plastic: ceramics, clothes, books,  jewellery... Have a look at the list below:

Non plastic gift ideas for the home:

Non plastic gift ideas for her:

So what are you going to do this Christmas? any chance I made you consider where or how you're going to spend your money on gifts?



  1. these are great ideas! I like the sound of subscription services!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. These are some amazing ideas! I've been struggling with what to get my boyfriend for SO long, but after reading this I think a craft beer subscription or an experience of some sort could be a fun idea. Thanks for the inspo! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    1. Hey Laura! Happy to help!
      I've given my boyfriend the beer subscription in the past and it he loved it! who doesn´t enjoy beer being delivered to their door!


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