[It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like... ?]*

We're 22 days away from Christmas, have you noticed? 22, that's all you have left of running around looking for gifts (more from Non Plastic Christmas Gift Guide here), Christmas drinks, dinner and gatherings with friends and colleagues and all the excess of these days.

But what is Christmas (or these Holidays, I want to be inclusive since it is not Christmas for everyone... but more on that later) for you? Is it the same it's always been? Has the concept changed for you? Is it more enjoyable now or less than it was?


[The Conscious-Feel Good Christmas Gift Guide]*

Christmas is less than 5 weeks away!!
Which means that we should all start getting ready for the festive season, buying decorations, buying cards and buying tons of gifts... To sum up: a whole lot of buying and spending.

This year, after the few revelations I've had in the past months, I've decided to spend my money in a way that helps the world be a better place, even if just by a tiny fraction. This is just me, but what if a few of us followed and that tiny fraction got bigger and bigger and we really did make a difference?



[Let´s Talk Periods]*

Yes that's today's topic: Periods.
This is what I want to talk to you about today (I understand you might not want to read about it, but it doesn't stop us women bleeding once a month).



[Lavender Fields]*


Oh hi there! After 6 months of radio silence, [Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* is back! Back with a fresh new template and new ideas.



[April Wishlist]*

April Wishlist, which is also my birthday wishlist since I happen to have been born at the end of the month!



[All Black Everything]*

(Photos by Ella H Photography)

Is Spring coming? Is Winter almost over? This could be the last Winter outfit post, that means I have to start adding colours to my everyday wear... does this thought go through your minds this time of year too?


[Florals, for Spring... groundbreaking]*

Hello March! Spring is around the corner, the weather is warmer in London and we even got to see the sun for a few days!! I don´t know what it is but most people feel like throwing themselves at te shops to buy fresh, bright coloured garments for the new season. After all the thick materials and darker colours we see in Winter (I´m the first one to be dressed like a crow), all the pastels, lighter materials, bright colours and fresh floral patterns are really appealing!




(Photos by Ella H. Photography)

For those of you that have been to London or are lucky enough to live here, have you been to Greenwich? Yes I have been to the Royal Observatory but, have you been to the Old Royal Naval College or the Queen's House? If you haven't, you're missing out.



[Perfume Making Workshop with Obby]*

Do you wear perfume? How often? Is it something you can't leave home without? I always wear perfume (except when going to the gym), I have 4 and out of those 2 I've had for years and repurchased several times. 

On another note, as you probably know from my Instagram, I like to keep active after work and take advantage of everything that a city like London has to offer. This post is about that: I have found a webiste that offers creative and artistic workshops and classes around London, it´s called Obby. When they contacted me suggesting I take the Perfume Making and Afternoon Tea class I couldn´t say no, so I took Federica along with me and off we went to make our signature perfume last Thursday evening.

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