[Perfume Making Workshop with Obby]*

Do you wear perfume? How often? Is it something you can't leave home without? I always wear perfume (except when going to the gym), I have 4 and out of those 2 I've had for years and repurchased several times. 

On another note, as you probably know from my Instagram, I like to keep active after work and take advantage of everything that a city like London has to offer. This post is about that: I have found a webiste that offers creative and artistic workshops and classes around London, it´s called Obby. When they contacted me suggesting I take the Perfume Making and Afternoon Tea class I couldn´t say no, so I took Federica along with me and off we went to make our signature perfume last Thursday evening.

 The class is offered by The Perfume Studio, in 2h they teach you some of the basics of the perfume making industry, guide you on the making of a perfume, allowing you to choose between over 20 blends divided in 3 categories: Base, Midlle and Top notes. Out of these they recommend you blend either 2 or up to 5 to make your own and tell you anecdotes and blends to make famous perfumes on the market. After testing 4 or 5 blends your scent sense shuts down, gets overwhelmed and needs a reset: that´s what the coffee beans in that organza bag are for. I created my own perfume out of 4 blends and took it home with me in a 20ml bottle. The good thing is that you can always reorder from the website once you run out! 

 The class was fun, interactive and easy to follow, the only downside is that in spite of being advertised, there was no afternoon tea; so I recommend you read al the small print and always ask the organiser prior to the event! I would recommend to use Obby for yourself and as gifts for others (what to give to that someone that has everything? a fun experience!); life's too short to just go to work 9-5, go home and back to work again; use your time wisely!!

(Blog post sponsored by Obby)



  1. this sounds like such a fun thing to do! I love perfume of all kinds and I'd love to learn how to make it!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Ooh that's so fun!! I did some concocting of my own when I was younger. For Take Your Daughter To Work Day my sister and I got to make our own lipstick colors. Too bad we were too young to actually wear it, haha!
    Shame that you didn't actually get tea though...

    1. I ended up with a headache but loved the workshop! and loving the perfume so far! the two ladies there were super helpful also.
      Yeah, shame about the afternoon tea, there's some communication missing between the webiste that advertises this and the company that offers the workshop... I emailed them and they said they would check.

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