(Photos by Ella H. Photography)

For those of you that have been to London or are lucky enough to live here, have you been to Greenwich? Yes I have been to the Royal Observatory but, have you been to the Old Royal Naval College or the Queen's House? If you haven't, you're missing out.



[Perfume Making Workshop with Obby]*

Do you wear perfume? How often? Is it something you can't leave home without? I always wear perfume (except when going to the gym), I have 4 and out of those 2 I've had for years and repurchased several times. 

On another note, as you probably know from my Instagram, I like to keep active after work and take advantage of everything that a city like London has to offer. This post is about that: I have found a webiste that offers creative and artistic workshops and classes around London, it´s called Obby. When they contacted me suggesting I take the Perfume Making and Afternoon Tea class I couldn´t say no, so I took Federica along with me and off we went to make our signature perfume last Thursday evening.

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