[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]*


[2018 - November Update]*

Hello Blogging World! It's been a while uh?
I will try not to sum up my 2018 here (let's wait until mid December for that, shall we?) but just have an informal update on where I am at.



[The 5 New Year Resolutions Everyone Can Achieve]*

I know I know, I am over a week late to wish you Happy New Year and talk resolutions but, after seeing what the blogging world, general websites and other sites have posted, I wanted to have my say too.



[It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like... ?]*

We're 22 days away from Christmas, have you noticed? 22, that's all you have left of running around looking for gifts (more from Non Plastic Christmas Gift Guide here), Christmas drinks, dinner and gatherings with friends and colleagues and all the excess of these days.

But what is Christmas (or these Holidays, I want to be inclusive since it is not Christmas for everyone... but more on that later) for you? Is it the same it's always been? Has the concept changed for you? Is it more enjoyable now or less than it was?
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