[2018 - November Update]*

Hello Blogging World! It's been a while uh?
I will try not to sum up my 2018 here (let's wait until mid December for that, shall we?) but just have an informal update on where I am at.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, that weekend of deals that pretty much marks the start of the Christmas season. I do take advantage of said deals to save some money when buying Christmas presents and mostly after careful consideration of what I'm buying (remember my Concious Christmas Gift Guide from last year? The one when I ditched giving gifts containing plastic) and for who.
We all like to have a discount and that the idea that we're saving money or getting a better deal but, what does this mean for smaller businesses/shops? Are they expected to make an early discount to potentially sell more at a lower price? They can’t possibly play the same game the big eshops are playing.
Where does Black Friday start and where does it end? I’ve seen restaurants offering “black friday deals”, even a state agent in my neighbourhood: a state agent!
My social media feeds have been divided between ads from brands I follow advertising flash deals and discounts, to 50% of people bragging about what they’ve bought and 50% discouraging anyone that would listen from buying more stuff. I see truth in all three different views: businesses want to sell, as a consumer is nice to get a discount and/or a good deal, but it’s also true that we buy so many things we don’t actually need.

All things considered, below is a short list of things I’ll be looking to buy for myself or others this weekend. Please help yourselves if anything takes your fancy (these are affiliated links).

This weekend you could get (for yourself or others) a classic, timeless Daniel Wellington watch with 15% off using my code NAIVE2. You can combine this discount with other discounts in their website  (they have the Dapper watch on 50% off!).

What does Black Friday mean to you? Is it marked in your calendar as a day you look for ward to? Do you usually shop much?

I am now on my way to Heathrow to spend the next 12 days in Cuba! See you on the other side! 

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