[The 5 New Year Resolutions Everyone Can Achieve]*

I know I know, I am over a week late to wish you Happy New Year and talk resolutions but, after seeing what the blogging world, general websites and other sites have posted, I wanted to have my say too.

So, from those of you that make new year resolutions, are you still on them or have you given up already? A new year resolution is one of the easiest things to give up and them hammer yourself for it; but why? WHY!? Because you set yourself goals that are a bit over the top or too hard to achieve. Nothing wrong with dreaming big, that's not what I'm saying but... if you'd like to read on, I have 5 feel-good easy-to-achieve resolutions for you:

1. Try Something New

This is my one year resolution over the years, the one I swear by and recommend the most. Just try something you have never done before; have a think and pick something you're willing to commit to for at least a couple of months (to say that you have actually tried it). It can be anything you like, could be a caligraphy workshop, a tarot course, floral arrangements sessions, a fitness related activity, a dance course, anything you'd like to try but haven't yet.
With this resolution I've tried a ceroc dance course that I quit after 2 months (I got bored of the all male leading principle) a few years ago, I also started aerial silks in 2016, which I keep doing and started a burlesque course in 2017 which I also continue on.
Trying something new will add that sparkle when you look back on that year, or at least it does that for me.

2. Stop and Reflect.

I know, it may sound obvious and/or useless but to look back on what 2017 meant for you on different levels (emotionally, personal growth, work life, family relationships etc) will help you on understanding what 2018 needs to look like for you, which areas to focus on, what things to avoid, what mistakes to learn from. A good friend gave me this Project Love book to properly wave goodbye to last year by reflecting of what I've learnt, what I've done and what I am grateful for and set goals and a guide for the new year.

3. Do something good for the planet.

The way things stand right now for the planet, this might be the most crucial one actually. Sure, you and I are not going to figure out how to solve global warming alone, but there's so many gestures we can adopt that can make a difference. To name a few:
- Don't ever buy bottled water ever again. Buy yourself a nice water bottle that you can refill and leave it somewhere you won't forget it, to carry it with you always.
- Do you like to buy coffee? Oh me too, but I have started bringing my own cup. Not only they will discount a few pennies from your coffee (every little helps! - especially in January!), but you'll also reduce waste with 1 use cups and lids. Have you seen these KeepCup coffee cups? or any others you see around, doesn't matter which brand as long as you use less disposable cups.
- Start buying cruelty free make up and toiletries. I am not going to go vengan anytime soon, but I do my groceries in a more conscious manner and started buying cruelty free products when possible. There are more brands and products available than you imagine, just have a look at some index website like this one or this one.
- If you dear reader are of the type that has periods, please consider switching to a menstrual cup. Tampons, pads and panty liners generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, and they all contain plastic - in fact, pads are around 90% plastic - which ends up in landfill.
Tampons can leave microscopic fibres in vaginal tissue, causing tiny cuts and creating a breeding ground for the bacteria that causes Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). * So do yourself and the planet a favour and give a menstrual cup a go, there are many brands available out there right now with different sizes, shapes and even colours to suit your needs.

4. Give Up Some Of Your Time For A Good Cause.

This is an instant feel-good activity. It can be anything from attending a march for a reason close to your heart, helping someone blind cross the street or get into the tube or volunteer with a charity. Why not set one day a month to being kinder? It could be offering your help to some tourist you see lost in the street to giving some food to someone homless to helping a mother carry her pram down the stairs. It is really little effort from our side but can have a massive impact on the person receiving it.

5. Be Kind To Yourself

I'm an expert in neglecting myself, put others needs over mine because, I don't want to disappoint myself or them thinking I don't care about their dinner, house warming party, weekend away, childrens'a birthday, wedding... you name it. 
Get rid of toxic people around you, and even if not toxic, stop devoting your time to people that don't have time for you, because that relationship (romantic, friendship or of the family kind) should work both ways and if not, it will end up breaking you.
No one will care for you as much as you should (except for your parents maybe), you're the first person that has to act in your own insterest, you're the one that should never undermine or harm yourself. 
So just be kinder, ok? Look out for yourself and your physical and mental well being.

*This post has been written in collaboration with Daniel Wellington. Remember that you can still use my code NAIVE2 on their website to get your DW watch with 15% off!


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