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Oh hi there! After 6 months of radio silence, [Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* is back! Back with a fresh new template and new ideas.

To celebrate what feels like a new launch, here are the photos that Ella took of me at the Mayfield Lavender Fields last July. You may have seen some on my social media, but here's the whole lot.

Now, what is this new launch I hear you say: well, this blog has been quiet because I didn't feel like paying attention to it, I didn't have the will to keep updating it like before, I didn't see a reason to put my time and effort into yet more fashion blogger outfit posts. As much as I like fashion and still keep an eye on my favourite fashion bloggers and try to follow trends, the world is already pretty much saturated with them and I honestly don't think I had anything new to offer.

Considering this, these past 6 months I've started to see things differently, in the world around me. Pretty much the world we live in is going to shit (Brexit, Trump, the Rohingya crisis, inminent enviromental issues, the #MeToo and a very long and depressing etc), and that is from the perception of a very priviledged individual that was born in the right place and the right time, with a pretty much easy and satisfactory life! And yet I can't keep ignoring it all!

I wondered several times whether I should close this blog and give it up forever, but I just feel there is so much I need to say and put out there right now, even if no one is going to read it (because who knows? someone might read it)
Because sure, we've all told ourselves "What am I going to do, uh? I'm not going to change the world anyway." No, I won't change the world, but I can take little steps that make it better even if by a tiny fraction, or at least I won't go nuts thinking that I am not doing absolutely anything, just standing, watching things unfold.

  • I went to Burning Man last Summer and, I'm not going to say that it has transformed me (such a clich√® these days...)but, it did make me see some things in a different way. I am more conscious of all the litter I produce and have started my own battle against bottled water. I try to be more open minded and be less judgemental of others.
  • I started listening to The Guilty Feminist podcast and it has made me aware of so many more issues than I thought women had nowadays, everyday, around me. Also it is a really good laugh, can't recommend it enough.
  • I've started thinking about Chistmas Gifts and I refuse to just buy any gift I think suitable without thinking about wasteful, unnecessary stuff that will just help put more plastic into this world (more to come on my Christmas Gift Challenge... stay tuned...).

I can't keep these and many other things inside me anymore and even if on a teeny tiny hiccup, I am going to make a difference and this blog is going to be a tool to do that. To mark this, I've given the blog a new template/look and a new voice, hope you enjoy both.

Welcome back everyone...
...and thanks for reading that massive rant)


(Photos by Ella H. Photography)



  1. 1. Love the photos
    2. That is such a great way to use your voice! I can't wait to see where you take the blog! (I've been feeling the same way about posting my outfits too, but I'm not bored of it yet so I'll keep going until I am, haha)

    1. Hi Megan!! Thanks!! Means the world to me! Yeah I might post the odd outfit post sometime but I want to do more writing than photos right now.


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