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Hello everyone, hope you're all having a nice weekend!
If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you already know I went to Tenerife last week (after that nightmare of a flight delay*) and before showing you a round up of the pictures I uploaded on social media from that I wanted to tell you about my Gatwick Airport experience (before it all went wrong with the flight).
For long weekends I just fly with hand luggage and go through security as I get to the terminal; the duty free is a happy place isn't it? People ready to fly away, thousands of discounted prices but... did you know you can also get complimentary pampering bits and bobs?? No? Well let me tell you all about it then!

I first went to the Jo Malone counter where they told me about the brand itself, it's history and approach to scents and got to discover their new one: Mimosa & Cardamom. Having chosen this new scent I got a 10min hand and arm massage to die for! Super relaxing with the amazing scent that stayed with me until the morning shower. This treatment consists on a nourishing scrub and massage with the soap of the chosen scent and finishes with a massage with the scent's cream. The perfume stayed with me till the morning shower!
After this, I went to the Bobbi Brown counter and got a complimentary make up session to get to try their new line this Autumn, with that amazing black plum eye liner and the super blendable serum foundation. Looking stunning for my arrival in Tenerife!

So next time you fly, check for this pampering treatments, they will make the whole airport experience much more enjoyable! 

 *( First time I chose to fly with Norwegian airlines and the last time, they delayed the flight 13h and couldn't even give us a hotel to stay overnight because according to them "all hotels were booked around the airport because of the rugby worldcup" and they couldn't be arsed to provide us with something else further towards central London. I have filed a complaint and a claim with them and I will never fly with that airline again - #norwegiansucks #dontflynorwegian)


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  1. That sounds marvelous!! Sadly my local airport doesn't have anything exciting like that. But if I fly out of NYC I'm sure they would
    And UGH! That sucks about the delay and no hotel, fjdkflka!!!


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