[Instagram round up - A thousand thanks]*

A milestone has been reached, 1K followers on Instagram!
No fake accounts, no followers bought, just little by little in almost 2 years time. It does mean the world to me and I wanted to thank you all! If you're not following me yet, what are you waiting for? Follow me here.

Otro logro más, ¡mil seguidores en Instagram!
Nada de cuentas falsas o seguidores comprados, sólo gente que se ha ido uniendo poco a poco en casi 2 años. Significa mucho para mí ¡y queria daros las gracias a todos! y si aún no me sigues, ¡puedes unirte aquí!

Beauty products of the day / Virgola feeling comfy on top of me / Henna tattoo / Mules frites at Belgo Soho

Holiday choices / pancakes with peanut butter / Sleep Virgola / Sunbathing

Glittery clown face paint / Holiday mood / Colourful Shoreditch walls / Home Slice heaven

Virgola selfie time / My new nude palette from Maybelline New York / Brunch at B&H Buildings / the crazy cat lady colouring book.



  1. Yayyy!!! Congratulations!!! I'm still quite a ways away from 1K, but hopefully I get there one day, haha

    1. of course you will, just little by little!! thank you!!



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