[The Sugar House]*

(Photos by Ella H. Photography)

The Sugar House.
After seeing this amazing wall over and over again on Instagram (and think that it was 20mins walk from my place!) we finally set a date to go conquer it, camera in hand.

After a couple of lucky strikes, we found it (I got changed behind a van), I put the crown on, grabbed the sunflower and the shoot happened!
Ella was keen on shooting this Asos dress I bought for that wedding in France and I wanted an excuse to wear that crown so, it all worked pretty well.
The wall itself is actually the front of a yard house part of a secluded film studio. The other 2 photos were taken in Shoreditch, were those graffittis can still be found.



  1. these shots are stunning! love the dress and the background!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Soooo pretty!! I always love your shoots with Ella :D


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